Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Easter Bunny is coming....

Well my giveaway was a success in the fact that one person entered ( Congrats Jae, prize being posted this week & thanks for reading my blog), and not a success in the fact that only one person entered, lol! I shall persevere & hopefully numbers will build!
So Easter is rapidly coming upon us, I have put my Easter display up, and finally this morning I got around to actually making some bits. I have opted for egg cosie's this year. I found them very relaxing to make, which is good as I had an awful day at work on sat!
Having a quick look around the net, these cute things caught my eye!
I love this little chicks, which I think are made from card. I found these at The Chic-Adee shop, which is obvioulsy run by a very talented person. Google it and check out the beautiful easter wreaths.
Next I love this little bunny girl image! Makes me think of when I cosplayed as a bunny! This is actually a greetings card by Ansy, at
Last but not least, if you do not squeal out loud at these cute amigurumi bunnies, then your on the wrong site! They are by Stephanie Jessica Lau & I found them on the Craftzine blog.
So that's my update, hope everyone gets lots of eggs!!
Happy Easter!