Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

Due to the amount of time I spend at work, I get to say Happy New Year Twice, so Happy 2012 everyone and Happy Year of the Dragon!!
On Monday the Year of the Dragon began, for me it started a few weeks earlier due to my friend Judy, who is currently living in Japan, sending me this gorgeous postcard. I loved it so much I immediately framed it and made it into my new piece of art work!

Once receiving this I couldn't resist having a look to see what Kawaii there was out there to celebrate the new year.

San X have done a range of Rilakkuma plushies, personally I love the one holding the litteh dragon. These can be found on ebay, but they are a bit pricey, which is a shame!
Tokidoki released a new banner design on their website. I have always liked Tokidokis designs, and I would happily buy a product with this design on!

Of course Hello Kitty is also joining in the New Year celebrations, amongst all the available products I like this phone charm. Kitty looks so cute dressed as a Dragon.

As I mentioned earlier my friend Judy is in Japan, and she has been celebrating the New Year with a visit to a shrine, you can read about her experiences at, link at the bottom of my blog. Of course i'm jealous of Judy, especially when I saw what the train company gave all their passengers -

Too Cute!!
Now as it is year of the Dragon, I think it is only fair to mention, in my opinion the cutest Dragon around..... Toothless!!!

I would happily spend a fortune on Toothless merchandise, unfortunately there isn't much about. My friend from work trawled Universal studios trying to find some Toothless merchandise, with no luck. Perhaps if I was talented like the following people I could make my own Toothless.
Sararoseey has made this gorgeous Polymer Clay ornament,and has managed to capture the characters cuteness perfectly!

Zombiesandunicorns has made this super cute Amigurumi Toothless, I really need to crack on with my crocheting and try to nail this!!

So all thats really left for me to say is Gung Hei Fat Choi!!!!