Monday, 6 August 2012

Loves nice surprises!!!

I have come home to a very nice surprise tonight, a message from my friend Judy (mentioned lots & currently in Japan). Judy has just been to Tokyo Disneyland, JEALOUS!!!
I cannot wait to see her photos, (I'm hoping she took lots), but I am also excited as she has said, that she has managed to get me something that I have mentioned on this blog!!! Now as you know, I like alot of things on this blog, so, wow??!!?? I wonder what it could be!! Think, think!! Lol!!!
Is it Disney, Hello Kitty??? I may drive myself mad, ha ha!!!
I am a very lucky girl though :D I am still addicted to the Olympics, however my viewing was disrupted today by having to go back to work, boo!! However we have won more medals, yay!! Team GB now has 40 medals!!! 18 Gold, 11 Silver and 11 Bronze!! So excited!! Last night I watched Usain Bolt win the 100m in 9.63 seconds!! Amazing!! I love this picture of him doing the 'Bolt' with our mascot Wenlock :D

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Go Team GB!!!

29 Medals so far, 8 Bronze, 7 Silver and 14 Gold!!!
Congratulations everyone!!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics!

I don't know about any of you, but I am addicted to the Olympics! I have the App and everything! Luckily I have been on holiday this week, so I have been able to watch quite a bit, infact as I type the Men's single skulling race is on, and our Team GB lad is doing really well, infact he has just won Bronze, so well done!!! I'm so pleased as well that Team GB's first Gold was brought home by the girls! :D
So what cute items can you purchase, to help support your country or just add to your growing kawaii collection, well - Hello Kitty never lets us down and she too has been ready to celebrate the Olympics, especially as they are being held in her hometown of London!
I love this plush, with the headress on!
I love these Hello Kitty Olymoic charms too, I wish I could find somewhere to get my hands on them.
Paperchase as normal, have provided a full cute collection for the games! Dream team features cute little bubble bunny/puppy (not sure??) people representing all the different nations! I have already bought a couple of bits :D including the pass case, which is a bargain at £1.50 -
The UK keyring at £3 -
Dream Tean A5 notebook £6 -
Lastly I love the backpack at £19.75 -
If you want a cute bag, and to do your bit for a very worthy charity, get yourself to your local ASDA and pick up the Peppa Pig shopping bag for £2, all proceeds go to Tommy's baby charity.
Then I musn't forget our officail Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville! There has been alot of controversy around these two, but I have always liked them. There backstory is that they are drops of steel, that fell from the last girder going into the Olympic stadium and they formed Wenlock and Mandeville.
I had to join in and purchase a plushie -
I also love the little chocolate versions that Cadbury's have done, there yummy too!!
So theres my round up of the Cute Olympics!! I'm focussing back on the sports version now!! Go Team GB and good luck to all other competing nations too!!