Sunday, 21 August 2011


Well apologies for not posting for so long! Work had gone a bit mental and I wasn't very well, but things turn round and hopefully I can get this blog back on track, and start to make some cute things again. I think i'm going to try and make some Halloween things early, especially as i'm going away in October. Speaking of going away, I only recently just got back from Munich in Germany. It was just what I needed and I had a lovely time, I would reccomend it to anyone. The people were so friendly, the weather was beautiful, only had one afternoon when it rained. The arhitecture was amazing, just regular shops were old and ornate! The food was lovely, and I was brave and tried the famous local delicacy, weisswurst! Steamed white veal sausages, with pretzls and a sweet mustard. I was quite scared at first, as the mention of veal put me off a bit, but it was actually pretty tasty! I didn't get to try any, but the decorated gingerbread hearts were everywhere, and they looked so pretty, hanging on the market stalls! I took this picture at the Virtuelmarkt! Another thing that was in alot of shops, was marzipan figures, especially made into the famous Munich treats, Pretzls, Weisswurst, Beer, radishes etc, and I thought they were really cute!
Souveneirs were a little light on the ground at first, and I was beginning to panic, what was I going to buy people?? Luckily, I managed to find some eventually. One thing I turned up was Bavarian Rubber Ducks, I bought Lily a German Frau, and I bought myself this funky Herr Duck! They make me smile!
Beer is everywhere there, as it is what Munich is most famous for, but as a non drinker I still found plenty to enjoy. The Beer Halls had a fantastic atmosphere, and were decorated with so much, you couldn't help but just sit and constantly look about you. We went to the Agustinier, which is the oldest Beerhall in Munich, and had one room that was completely decorated in shells! My favourite place to go was the Hofbrauhaus, which is the most famous Beerhall & brewery as it is the Royal one. It is here that I tried Weisswurst, had Spezi which is cola and lemonade mixed together and is very refreshing! It was entertaining also watching Dave trying to lift a full litre tankard of Beer!
We took a daytrip on the Thursday to go and see the Neuchwanstein Castle, which was built by King Ludwig II, known as the Fairy Tale King (he had a few issues). Ludwig had an obsession building medievel, mythical style castles and the Neuchwanstein is no exception. Built in the Alps, it is stunningly beautiful. We walked up to the castle, (which I thought was going to kill me), however the views were worth it. The alps were stunning, and the sun had come out, it was amazing! Only 15 rooms were completed, due to money issues and King Ludwig dying in mysterious circumstances. The Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort Paris, is based on the Neuchwanstein castle, and when you look at the detail, you can see how closely they copied the design. I always manage to find a link to Disney somewhere! lol!