Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Ribbon = New Ideas!

I bought some new ribbon from ebay, one has Owls printed on, and the other has Russian Dolls printed on. I am very pleased with both, and the fact that the seller also enclosed an owl button and a Russian Doll button as a gift!! This new ribbon inspired me to try and make a felt Russian Doll. I started off by making a broach, which I wore the next day and received positive comments from friends. Then the next day I saw this bag, and felt the print looked a bit russian, so I made another Doll to decorate it. I'm really pleased with how it looks, and think my stitches are neater.
I then made a Keyring using the ribbon I had purchased, I tried basing the colours of the doll on the ribbon!
Need to plan what to try with my owl ribbon......

Friday, 21 May 2010

Strangest commision....

So my friend Dave texts me wednesday and asks if I could make some keyrings as gifts. Sure no problem, what would you like?
A pig - Ok not made one of them before but I will give it ago.
Charles Darwin - What!!! How do you make Charles Darwin!?!
So using this pic as a basis, as I feel it's an iconic image, I began to make the ideas that formed. First was to replicate this image in a cute way, with a Tortoise instead of the hat, as he studied Totoises on the Galapagos islands. But after consulting with Dave, I went for the classic image with a Galapagos lizard sat on the hat.
Dave seemed pleased with the pics, so they have been parcelled up and are on route.
I have no idea how these pics are going to post!! Probably in the wrong order! Lol

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Happy 15th Birthday to our special boy!!

Today our dog Buster celebrated his 15th Birthday!!
He had Cheesy Paw biscuits, and for Dinner his favourite..... Chicken!!!!
As you will see from the picture, he even had a Birthday Badge!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Preparing for the Football Frenzy!

Well after a busy few days, I finally get chance to post something! Not only has work been busy, with lots of new desserts that I have had to buy and eat, I've also been busy completing commisions! Making the Bluebird badge for Brenda, resulted with 3 more orders, 2 to be delivered that night and 1 for the Friday morning, before they all travelled to the match!! So watching the election results I worked away, and managed to meet my timescale! I then got orders for another Owl keyring and a bunny. Now I hadn't made a bunny before, so that was new! Then I got an order Friday night for a Ladybird a.s.a.p, which again I haven't done before. Anyway I gave all a go, and was ready for collection Saturday, and all seemed pleased, so Phew!!!
In other Good news, our local team won! 2-1, and local lad Jason Walker scored the winning goal! Everyone was very pleased, and I received texts stating that my Bluebirds had brought luck, now I don't like to be big headed but...... I WON THEM THE MATCH!!! Lol!!
So in thought of this, I thought I would prepare for the World Cup by making this Patriotic Lion Broach!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Go Bluebirds!!!

Bluebird 2
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Our local football team Barrow are playing at Wembly on Saturday, and the majority of the town is very excited, including my friend Brenda, who is an avid supporter. Tonight I have made this for her to wear to the match! I hope she likes it!!!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Gentleman Owl

Gentleman Owl
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My little owl went all posh, and joined the Gentry, with his top hat, monacle and cane!
Made him as a challenge from Dave!
Also today has been good, as I have got 2 commisions! Yay!

Monday, 3 May 2010

So when your making cute stuff, you need to have a cute sewing kit, with cute sewing accessories right??
My Mum's ordered me a tape measure, thats a Russian Doll head, can't wait for it to arrive!

First item i'm trying to sell!!!

Just listed this little guy on ebay!! Fingers crossed someone will be interested!!

Reading Owl

Reading Owl
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Learning how to post from Flickr to Blog!!! This is all a new process for me!! Lol!
Hopefully the picture featured is the Owl keyring I have made for my friend Kezz!


So hello!
My first blog, and may potentially be the loneliest blog, as I don't really know how to get people to follow you, or if anyone will be interested! If not, hello online diary! Lol!!
Anyway, I have recently started making some little cute things, so any feedback is welcome. I will add pics as I create! This little guy I made for my dad, he's kinda based on our dog.