Sunday, 4 March 2012

Disney Withdrawal ....

I am having some serious Disney Withdrawal symptons at the moment, I wish I could have a lottery win so that I could run away to Disneyland Paris, book a castle suite, yes a suite and stay there for at least 3 weeks, stuffing my face with Mickey waffles and Nutella, sigh.

Alas this is not going to happen anytime soon, so I have to continue saving, and know that in 1 years time I will be heading their to celebrate/mourn the fact that I am 30... shudder.
So until this time, I will have to make do with saving, and looking at all the lovely Disney things out there, ( hampers the saving, some what when I purchase, oops).Wednesday was a prime example, I had to stay overnight at the Metro Centre, for a meeting the next day. I arrived there at 6p, after leaving Barrow on the train at 1:30pm :( Tired, hungry, and with a loss of bearings, I just wanted to get to my hotel, but then I saw the Disney Store shining like a beacon at me, so I had to go in and have a look. I really didn't intend to spend, BUT they had the Disney nerds range in, only a few bits, but they had it. Now I must admit Mickey and Minnie scare me abit in this style, I think it's the teeth....

They did have the best keyring I have seen in a long time though... Stitch Nerd! I nearly squeaked out loud when I noticed him hanging their! So cute, and not at all scary, well of course I had to buy!

How could anyone be able to resist him, look at his little geeky shirt, aww!!
Luckily I was too tired to veture any further into the shopping centre, lol!
So as I mentioned to keep me going I've been looking at quite a few things, and these are the ones that have stoof out.

I really want to hunt these little princess trinket boxes down, they have the most happy faces, and the corresponding jewellery inside is such a cute idea.

This Disney rement set will be very suitable for me next year, and have less calories, lol!

A range i've been looking at for a while is the Pook a Looz range. When I was in New York, I noticed some of these plushies in a toystore, but I was so overwhelmed, well by pretty much everything I didn't pay them much attention, which I could kick myself over. Oh well, one day I may get the chance, but for now annoyingly the range isn't available in the uk, grr!! When it is I want the following -

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is utterly yum, nut if you can't snuggle him at night, i'll take this as am alternative.

Stich, enough said!

I did manage to order some charms from Japan, the Chip one for me, and the Sorcerer Mickey for my mum.

I know I don't need a bag, but this is a cute bag ;)
Then lastly, I am very happy with my phone, but now after seeing this case, I really want an iphone 4s, lol!! Fickle I know, ha ha!!

Here's to 2013, if I have any money left, lol!!!