Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Help Japan!

We have all seen the awful pictures that have come from the aftermath of the Earthquake in Japan. As the story starts to disappear from the main news, we need to ensure that the situation does not fade from our minds, and that we realise it os going to take alot of time to recover the country and that Japan will need help! So if you can, please make a doantion in any way that you can! The easiest is direct to the Japan Tsunami appeal, via the Red Cross - http://www.redcross.org.uk/Donate-Now
or if you want to support Japan through your love of Kawaii, then you can do that through various generous peeps. Just a few that I've found are - http://www.rilakkumashop.com - This shop is selling limited editions Rilakkuma plushies to help raise funds for Japan. So not only can you bag yourself something unusual, but you will also be helping a worthy cause!!
www.askingfortrouble.org - The very talented and kind Marceline from Asking for trouble is giving donations of £4 for every copy of her Kawaii Japan book to the red cross. This runs until April 9th. This book is "A self-published book of writing, photography and illustration from three trips to Japan", if any of you haven't looked at Marcelines site, I reccomend it, as her illustrations are amazing and she has really cute stuff for sale in her shop!
If you check out the Gorilla mouth blog (http://www.gorillamouth.com) you will see that is planning Kaiju for Japan, with people submitting art, which will go on sale April 22nd to raise funds. I would check it out, as the pics show some amazing pieces are being submitted!!
I was reading the Modes for you facebook group yesterday and saw this pic/info on Project holding hands, all popular characters coming together, to raise a smile, and to encourage people to be positive, especially children. I think thats what hits home most, the Japanese peoples bravery and positivity. They have been through such trauma, but they are already looking to the future. My friend Nao is Japanese, and lives in Tokyo, and I was so worried when I saw the headlines. I emailed her immediately, and thankfully she was able to answer back, saying she was ok, very scared but ok. I've only heard from her once since then, i'm sure she's doing fine, but I feel that doing what I can from this end, is showing my support to her!
So help where you can!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

First Giveaway - Enter to Win March 27th - April 3rd 2011

Well this will be my first giveway competition!! It will be a test to see who is looking at my blog. (Fingers crossed some do, my page count keeps going up :{)
So this giveaway is open to all readers, both local and international (I may regret the postage costs on this, lol). Giveaway runs from tonight through to Sunday 3rd April 2011. The winner will be announced Monday 4th April.
As you may remember a few posts ago, I wrote about the Cute Character Rebecca Bon Bon, the adorable little french bull dog who is my namesake. Well in keeping with the theme, you could win some Fab Rebecca Bon Bon stationery! This includes a Ringbinder, set of gel highlighters and a pencil, which has a Rebecca Bon Bon charm attached.
To enter - leave a comment on this blog stating what type of cute character you'd like to be represented by! When posting please make sure that I will be able to contact you, either my email or a live link, and can check the blog on 4th April 2011. One entry per person (Is that just being too optimistic, lol!?!)
Good luck, and hopefully I will see some entries!! Fingers crossed!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Another year older!

Hello!!! I've been away for a while! Work has been uber busy, and I just haven't had chance to do anything at all, we have a new regional manager, he was coming to visit etc, so yeah busy busy! Then before I knew it, it was my birthday!! I have officially turned 28 now (Boo!) I suppose i'd better change my personal info, bleh! But I must say, it was a lovely birthday, that has spanned over many days! For example I was still receiving presents today! I have been incredibly spoilt, and received some amazing presents (Dave got me an Ipad for one!). At the last count I had 49 cards!! My family and friends are so generous, it's unbelieveable. I spent the weekend in Manchester with my friend Lizzie and on the Saturday, all of the Manchester crew met up for a meal at the Spicy Hut, which was lovely! Just a few samples of the amazing presents I got -
Jimmy got me the Cute Book and the Bad Book - I cannot wait to try and make some of these things!
Loui got me a Manga and then this cute Happy Birthday Hello Kitty model.
Lizzie got me dvds, rollerskate keyrings, this amazing Russian Doll face purse, which came with a really cute hairclip! Then as an added surprise, she got me this amazing Noodle Bowl from Paperchases Tokyo daytrippers range!
Then today I was given a gift from Diane and her daughter Anna from work, these really unusual Hello Kitty bands, which I love! (I have no idea why this photo has gone sideways, it's saved the right way!)
So all in all I have been a very lucky girl! Maybe turning 28 isn't so bad!!
I will hopefully be updating more reguarly again, and in the next couple of days I will be attempting my first giveaway competition! So watch this space!!