Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Hitting the sales

Well it would be rude not too, and even though I have been back at work for 2 days, thanks to the wonder of the internet, I have not missed out on any! Maybe for money saving ideas, I should have, ha ha!
Firstly I looked on one of my favourite sites - www.artbox.co.uk, seriously if I ever win the lottery, I will be purchasing pretty much everything!!! But until then, I treated myself to some bargains, like this super cute purse -
Which is a steal at 82p!! I really couldn't believe my eyes!! I have also ordered some items, which will be suitable for presents! Like these glasses - http://www.artbox.co.uk/artbox-panda-meet-girl-plastic-p-1491.html

Love them, I got a couple earlier on in the year and everyone admires them :)
I have also been shopping on www.paperchase.co.uk, and managed to get a Happy Noodle luggage tag in the sale! Yay!!
I have also been to New Look today, and definately spent more than I should of :{ But the jewellery was such a good price, and so unusual! I cannot resist jewellery! It is a huge weakness of mine!
I love it all (hence I bought it, lol, stupid statement) but the main thing I love is how unusual it all is, the leopard head, the Hat rings, the bird in the nest! So cute, and my insect bracelet! So Victorian! Anyway i'm pretty much all spent up now!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Approaching the end of 2010....

Well I haven't posted since Halloween and the main reason for this was a sad one, as on Halloween I lost my most beloved dog Buster. Anyone who knows me and my family, knows he was so much more than just a pet, he was the fourth member of our family, he was our soul mate, best friend, baby and saviour, and I can stress to you now he is sorely missed. So Christmas has bee approached with trepidation, as it was the 2 year anniversary of loosing Nana on the 20th Dec, and then our first Christmas without Buster. I have opted for the work myself into the ground option, going in on my days off etc. This has left me frankly exhausted, and left me no time to do anything. So I have not reallty done much crafting. I did make a few Xmas bits, The Pudding giftbag I made for my friend Kaye for Xmas and filled it with sweets, and I have learnt to crochet, which I am in the process of attempting to make a scarf, which I plan on decorating with some felt detail, but I still have a long way to go!
For Christmas I was totally spoilt, and got some uber cute gifts, which I will post pics of some soon!!
Today, although I was trying to be good, I broke and checked out Artboxes sale!! www.artbox.co.uk They have some fantastic stuff and I ordered some items, that will do for presents, (I buy early!) as well as some treats for myself!! I love the Panda items, which I am very lucky as my friend Judy bought me the most awesome bag, which I may use to store my crochet items, as I could do with keeping it all safe!! :)
Anyway, must head off mor tv to watch and chocs to eat! Will post again soon, need to get back into the swing of things, and need to see If in 2011 I can get anyone reading this thing!!!