Friday, 23 September 2011

Freebie Hunt

Like most people I like freebies! So when I saw the advert that Vistaprint were offering 500 business cards for free (you just have to pay the postage and VAT) I had to check it out. Now i've ordered from them before and had some great photo calenders made, so I thought it was worth looking into. I fancied a simple design, with my details on, so that I could put a card with anything that I sell, or just to hand out if someone is interested in my designs. For the free cards you get to choose from about 10 free designs, I went for the cupcake theme, as I love cupcakes and am currently on a theme of making them. I then put all my details on, which is when Dave pointed out to me that I could do with a sole e-mail address, so welcome -, and then I thought I needed a sole facebook account, so search socute itmakesyousqueal (had to make it like a name!)
So for the grand total of £6.27 (the above mentioned p+p & vat), I have coming my way 500 business cards and a business card holder (FREE!), I will need to decorate this as it's a bit plain at present, but for free, who minds!!
So check out for some good freebies!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Homemade Holidays

As I am currently on holiday for a week from work, I thought it was about time I did some more felt work. I decided that I would try and get ahead of the game and make some things for the next two major holidays, Halloween and Christmas!
Firstly, I love Halloween and I love Cupcakes, so combing the two I have started on some Halloween cupcake designs which I am making into hairclips, to be a bit different. I have a few orders for these already, which is good!!
Next Day of the Dead skulls have always fascinated me, there so bright and colourful! So here is my take on the concept, i'm going to try and work on this into a loot bag or a purse, i'm not sure yet. Then looking at Christmas I decided that a garland would be a great idea. Halfway through making the bears, I was beginning to regret it, (they are very fiddily), but I got there in the end, and its not too bad! Time to think up some more designs......

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Who needs school to own stationery thats cool!!

When I was little, I used to love going to choose my new school year pencil case, stationery and bag. As I get older I find that every year when the back to school stationery comes into the shops I still get that little thrill in my tummy. Yes at the grand old age of 28, I still love stationery! I don't feel ashamed of this, Brenda who I work with has just turned 61 and she's worse than me!! Luckily we both work in a job, where we get to use lots of notebooks, pens and pencils alot!!
As I have mentioned before, Paperchase is one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world, and if I won the euro millions, along with buying a permanent suite at Disneyland Paris, I would go on the biggest spending spree in the world!! I'm loving the new ranges, especially the new JPop range! I have treated myself to a few pieces, including this JPop composition size sleeve notebook for £3, this cute JPop 2011-2012 mid year diary, £6. Not just handy for students, but also for us Fire, Health and Safety officers who need to mark down future risk assessment dates! Next up if you own the notebook and the diary, why not get the matching pen, £1.50, the lid spins round to reveal more cute images!! Then I spotted the JPop laptop stickers, 3 individual stickers for £1, which I thought were a bargain!! Now combining something I love, with something I use alot, Panda highlighters!!! How cute are these?? plus a bargain at £2.50!! Then last but not least on my own home turf of M&S, I found this cute monster notebook!! I love the individual designs of the characters, and the front message of "Come to the Dark side...... we have biscuits" was just too fab to resist!!
So that's been my little spending spree, however knowing what i'm like, it won't be the last, lol!!