Saturday, 26 February 2011

Birthday updates!!

See I knew I wouls forget!!!
This week Big Happy Birthday wishes went to my friend Kaye, and extra big ones because they had to make it all the way to Japan, to my friend Nao!!!

Hops you had a great day both of you! xxx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My cute Namesake!!

2 weeks ago, my Mum bought me a cute little shopping bag featuring a little black bulldog and the name Rebecca Bonbon, from a local shop called Home Bargains. It stocks everything from food, to toys, to books, and it constantly gets new stock, and I have been very lucky in the past getting Hello Kitty items, plus other kawaii things, all at really good prices. My Mum's main motivation for buying the bag for me, was A)The cute dog, B)The fact it had Rebecca on it! I absoloutely love it, and it's amazing how handy a small shopping bag can actually be.
Then on Saturday I popped into Home Bargains for some cereal, and they must have had a delivery, because they had a load of Rebecca Bonbon stationery! The prices ranged from 49p - 99p, so I couldn't really resist and bought quite a few items! (Well at work, it'll scream out it belongs to me!) So I treated myself to the Ringbinder, pink notebook, muti-colour pen (which is also a mechanical pencil), a small gel pen (very handy), pencil with a dangly Rebecca Bonbon, than lastly a small notebook, which isn't actually a notebook, when you open it you find it's full of sticky notes! Which for me, is very handy indeed! After I wobbled home, with my bagful of purchases, I decided to look up this cute little character and find out more about her.
I found the official site, which has the character bio -
The character Rebecca Bonbon is a super cute French bulldog who was born in Paris and adopted by a young American. Rebecca has impeccable fashion sensibilities and a knack for the finer things in life: travel, shopping, and sweet bonbons. She now lives with her American friend in a fabulous apartment overlooking Central Park.
The site also gives info on Rebecca's creator, who is none other than Yuko Shimizu! Here is her bio -
Yuko Shimizu began her career in 1969 at Sanrio Co., Ltd. after graduating from Musashino Art University. While at Sanrio, Ms. Shimizu created the beloved character Hello Kitty, who is celebrating its 36th anniversary in 2010. As an independent designer, Ms Shimizu oversaw the creation of several publications for Hello Kitty including: "Kitty's Errands," "Kitty's ABC Book," and "Kitty of Candy Land" published by Sanrio.In 2005, Ms Shimizu created the adorable fashion property Rebecca Bonbon for Crown Creative Co., Ltd.
No wonder she's so cute, coming from such design heritage!
Just from a quick look, there's alot of cute merchandise out there, unfortunately mostly in America. I love this top, it would be fun to walk round in an "I heart Rebecca" top. Plus this hat is awesome! I have a penchant for animal hats at the moment, and this one would definately look good in my collection!
Guess i'll have to keep going into Home Bargains!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Hobbies

"Contemporary roller derby is an American-invented contact sport with roots in sports entertainment. The game is based on formation roller skating around an oval track by two teams. Points are scored as the designated scoring player (the "jammer") of each team laps members of the opposing team, including its "blockers,"[1] hence offense and defense typically occur simultaneously.[2][3]"

Ok here is the proper post! As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago I saw the film Whip it, which I thoroughly enjoyed and it made me look back in fondness, of when I was little and used to have my roller skates (purple and yellow), and what fun I used to have on them, (blocking out the memory of thinking that taking Buster out on his lead whilst wearing said skates, was a good idea! Buster was super fast back then, and it was a painful meetup with a lampost that stopped me ending up in the docks). Plus the night I watched it, I was wearing my Panda Hood, which everyone admired, thus me deciding if I was a Derby girl, my Derby name would be "The Pert Panda". Anyway I bought the dvd myself, and showed it to Dave, who really enjoyed it, but also he was like "Beck, I could totally see you doing this". Then I found out that my town, yes little old Barrow has a Roller Derby team! They are called the Furness Fire Crackers and they started in October last year. Dave went rock climbing at the leisure centre on friday,and from his viewpoint he saw the team practising, at the moment they are learning the basics of skating. I was very interested, but due to lack of gear, and the fact that second hand was still exspensive, I didn't think it was going to be a possibility. Then Valentines came and along with my Boofle Mug! Yay! Dave had ordered me skates, a helemt and Panda laces!! Now i'm just sat here waiting for them to arrive. My plan is to take time practising, and using it as a form of excercise (weightloss thing part of work, another story). So The Pert Panda will be hitting the streets soon, hopefully not literally!
Anyway sticking to my theme, I have found some cute skate related items -
First this lovely collage "Roller Skate girl and bird" by Valerie, she is a freelance designer and runs her own company and blog called Cabin & Cub.
Next, plan on having a party, how about this cute invite by Telma Takara. I love the robot!
Then I found this awesome Etsy shop called Sweetheart sinner, which has this Cute "Hell on wheels" design! I couldn't resist and ended up ordering the necklave version and a Derby girl broach! Very good prices too!
Then last but not least something that would be perfect for my persona! This cute Panda cupcake necklace! Love it!


This is just a small post, to celebrate the fact that my blog has been viewed over 1000 times!! Somebody somewhere out there must be taking a look, so thank you!! Now if I could just build up some followers, that would be awesome! Anyway main post coming soon!!

So Yay and Thank you!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Test of Readership!!

Whoops! This was summat I mean't to also start on my blog!
Birthday wishes!!!
So belated Happy Birthdays to the January crew! My friends Anita and Jimmy!

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Furry friend Loui, who turned 30 on Tuesday!

Then today big birthday hugs go out to Dave and Ste!

Lets see if I remember to keep this up! Lol!


Feeling loved up??

Well Valentines Day is literally right around the corner now, and I have a few more things to show that made me Squeak with joy!
Firstly, how cute are these Owl Cards? I love how they are holding the little heart lollipops! I found these on, and they are made by Nancy Hendel.
Next this little Lovebird pincushion by Feltmates, which is practically a work of art! It's so beautiful! (Which reminds me, I must post a picture of my new pincushion)
Then he's our favourite "strange creature that hatched from an egg", and he's got himself all kitted out for Valentines day, and I must say that he couldn't look cuter!
Berrysprite is one of my favourite blogs, and she has amazing stuff for sale in her Etsy shop. I'm not sure that this little guy is available now, but I found the picture online, and I just love his cute iccle heart on his chest!
Then last but not least, I love this picture! It makes me smile!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Love is in the air!

Well it is fast coming round to that Romantic/Commercial (depending how you feel) time of year - Valentines Day! Now some of you may be romantics, or some may be like me, and like nice gestures, a true weakness for buying and receiving gifts, combined with the love of cute items!
This may end up as a multiple Valentine posts, as from my browsing there is alot of cute items out there! First stop, one of my favourite places -
I'm liking the Love and Hugs range, and first up on my wishlist is this Love and Hugs bear. I'm liking how simple he looks, just holding his heart! Aww so sweet, and at £6 he's a bargain too!
Next up is the Toast stamp, imaging receiving your morning toast with this cute little guy staring back at you, for £5, you can!
Cards are often diffiult to purchase, balancing the fine line between ultra soppy verging on stalker to blank for own message! I find that Paperchase cards, say just the right amount, and always, always have fantastic designs! I'm liking this Love Bunny card at £2.25, and the Purrrfect sweetie card at £2!
Then if you wish you can send your Valentine (Or yourself) off to work with this uber cute Heart snackpot at £4.50!
In my opinion, don't say it with words, say it with cute! Lol!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

I wish shipping from America wasn't so exspensive!

2 years ago, when Dave and I were in New York we went to the toystore called F.A.O SCHWARZ, which was made famous as the home of the giant keyboard that Tom Hanks played in the film BIG! It was an amazing place, with huge Lego statues, and a Hogwarts section, an amazing sweetshop, so many things! But one area that Dave and I both liked (a rarity) was the Ugly Doll section! Dave must have liked it, as he actually made a purchase! He bought an Ugly Doll address book (which he actually uses!). In regards to myself, I don't know what came over me, but I didn't buy anything! I really liked the small keyring versions, but as I say for some reason I didn't buy anything (I think I was too focussed on getting to the New York disney store - which was amazing). All this time I have regretted not buying one of those little monsters, but didn't even think to look them up, why I really don't know! Then last weekend, Dave and I had a day out up the lakes, and randomly in the Tourist Information centre in Ambleside, was some Keyring Ugly Dolls!! Dave knew about my regrets and very kindly bought me one! So I am now the proud owner of Babo's Bird! I love him, he's so cute in an ugly kinda way! Finally owning the little guy, made me decide to find out more about the Ugly Dolls, and this finally lead me to their official website - It's a nicely designed site, and you can join the community, and get the latest updates from the UglyDoll creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. Also is the online shop, which is full of really, really cool things, hence my wish of cheaper shipping! They have such unusual items, like cookie jars (I love this one of Babo eating his cookie), Mugs, and I really like the retro advertisement/vehicle pen pots! You can even get very swish I-Pad covers, if your lucky to have an I-Pad.
There is a whole world of Uglies out there, go and explore!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

My Heart belongs to Boofle!

Not really Kawaii, but this little guy definately falls heavily into the Cute Camp! His name is Boofle, and you can buy muchos merchandise featuring him at Clinton Cards. Not only do I find him extremely cute but I also love his little backstory, which goes like this -
" Grandad's wooly cardy had seen better days. It was still soft and cosy, but a little bit frayed. There were holes in the elbows, and just one button remained, but from this, Nanny was sure something else could be made.........
....... So she started to sew on that cold winter's night and Boofle was born much to the childrens delight. Boofle was all that a snugglesome pup should be, loveable and cuddly and a best friend to you and me xxx"
I think that this story and how Boofle looks really sticks with me, because my Da used to have this old Brown Cardi that he always wore, it was old, and he always gave the best cuddles in it! ( On a seperate note, Carl from Up really looks like my Da!)
I have been very lucky to have been bought a few Boofle items. My good friend Smelly Rose (works for Clintons) and has bought me a keyring and this Christmas the lovely 'Rebecca' mug, which is lovely to drink from! One of my most special pocessions is my 'R' Boofle, which sits on my desk at work. Cheryl from work bought me him after I lost Buster, and it brings comfort to me.
I was in our local Clinton's on Wednesday and have fallen in love with the Valentines mug! I am going to drop major hints around Dave as there wasn't many left! I also treated myself to a phonecharm, they were only £1.99! Bargain!
Also just browsing the website, I noticed this one holding a Cupcake! Squeak!