Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!

Well today is Christmas Day and is the first full day off I've had in about 10 days!! The joys of retail!! So I have been too busy since pretty much November to post, but late as it is, I thought I'd drop in to say Happy Christmas, and to post some super cute Christmas cupcake pics, as I have been tasting quite a few this month :D Enjoy!!

And maybe some other Christmas treats!! ...

Lastly a Picture of Mums Puppy Ellie, enjoying the Doggy Christmas Biscuit I bought her!

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Love Momiji!!!

Most people will have heard of and seen the highly cute and collectible Momiji dolls!! I discovered them, pretty much when they first came out and my Mum and Nana bought me some, and I have been collecting them ever since!!
To give you a bit more back history, I will take the words, direct from the creators mouths, so to speak -
"The Momiji story began just over 6 years ago. Back in 2005 we created our first collection of 12 Momiji dolls…life before that date now seems to be a bit of a hazy memory and since then our days (and occasionally our nights) have become devoted to these little dolls.Momiji HQ is a little office in Henley in Arden. It's a small village in Warwickshire, England, famous for its legendary ice cream. Maybe one day it will be famous for Momiji too. From our tiny office we’ve become truly global. We've got designers creating lovely stuff all over the place (United Kingdom, Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Slovenia to name but a few...)
Momiji is inspired by friendship and little kindnesses. It's about filling life with memories and messages"
I love the fact that these cute little Japanese figures are made in a small English village.
As mentioned aboved, there are many different collections, with different designs in each, and they are effectively limited edition, as they are only released for a short period of time.

Momiji have also branched out into accessories as well, I already own the compact mirror, hairclips, pens, notebook, umbrella..... lol, I own quite alot!!
So as you can see I am already a huge Momiji fan, so imagine my excitement at their latest collection, they have joined forces with Sanrio and have produced a Hello Kitty collection!!! Squeal!!

I've already sat my Mum in front of the website, saying "Christmas!" repeatedly, I think she got the message. Again they have also produced some accessories, I've already treated myself to this uber cute zip pouch -

but theres also all these to get as well!!

So I'm off to write my letter to Santa, if you want to see more Momiji check out the site, They also have a blog

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wear your Poppy with Pride!!

Rememberence Day has always been an important date, remembering what our brave service men and women went through, to ensure that we have the freedom today that we have. However with todays conflicts, The Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal still have alot of work to do. Wearing your Poppy with Pride, and giving a donation, helps this valued cause, help so many people.
If you have the money, you can purchase some really nice pieces, for example Buckleys of London have made this lovely brooch.

This bracelet is also a lovely piece -

If your funds can't stretch that far, then I have been making some felt versions, this large brooch is £4, with £2 being donated to the Poppy Appeal.

A smaller version for £2, with £1 going to the Poppy Appeal.

If anyone is interested in placing an order, please leave a comment on here or email me at

Then of course you can just go to your nearest Poppy seller, and make a small donation & wear the paper poppy, whatever you decide to do, just make sure you wear one with Pride. It may not be the cutest piece of jewellery you'll buy this year, but it's a piece that will do alot of good!!!

For further details on this great cause, please visit the website -

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Two posts in one day, whats up with me?? Well mainly I thought "Hmmmm, I start work at 6am tomorrow, then have a jam packed day and evening, I best get this post done tonight".
As most know Halloween was always my favourite holiday. Last year sadly I lost my wonderful boy Buster, on Halloween.

I can't believe its been a whole year without him, it's been hard, and I am struggling with how I feel about this holiday now. However, I'm trying, Disney helped, and tomorrow after work I will be doing a Halloween Zumba!!

I have picked a selection of Halloween images, that I think are cute -

Sticking with the Disney theme, I just loved this picture of Belle and Beast swapping costumes, made me laugh so much!

I want these Disney cookies!!!

These felt wooly eggs, are too cute, see

I really like this picture, I would like this framed!

I really, really like these lights, knowing me I would keep them up all year round, lol!!

Found this picture online, I would like to try them, they look very tasty!!
Now the following cake pictures, I have eaten and they were yummy!!! :D

Lastly, I have to show people what my very talented Aunty Heather made for me, this beautiful stained glass witch!!

Happy Trick or treating everyone!!!!

Lusting after Liberty....

I have always liked Liberty fabrics, when I was little I admired the pretty colours and patterns and was aware of the name (courtesy of Nana), but was too little to appreciate any of it. Now I am older, doing my own crafts and have inherited my Nana's Liberty silk scarf, I have a whole new appreciation. I have stood outside the London store, but unbelieveably I didn't go in!! Next time i'm in London, it's one of the first things i'm going to do.

Can you imagine how excited I was, when I heard that Liberty was collaborating with Sanrio for a Hello Kitty collection, I was rather excited and headed to the website.

They have done fabrics in four different designs, and I must say I would be quite happy owning all of them. Unfortunately I couldn't really justify the cost of the material, especially as I would have to try and make something awesome, and i'm not good enough for awesome!! Imagine if I could make something as awesome, as these uber cute Liberty bunnies!!

The four designs -

So imagine how happy I was when I discovered that Boots were selling the range, and that it was part of the 3 for 2 giftshop!! This I could justify the spending of!!
I treated myself to, a few bits... :)

The compact also has a selection of eyeshadows inside, which luckily are all my colours, I also got the coin purse, and then as you have to make up the 3 for 2 aspect I got the washbag set -

It's a lovey set, with a body lotion, body cream and a body scrub, all with the Hello Kitty/Liberty logo. At least I have managed to get some stuff with 3 of the 4 designs on. Just the fourth to get now, lol!!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Return from Disneyland Paris and the money that was spent.....

Well I have returned from Kent and Disneyland Paris, and I had a lovely time! Disney was as lovely as ever, and I must say that I was very impressed with the new Toystory Playland. They have designed it so that you feel like the size of a toy! Even the shop was the Barrel of Monkeys! I got to have my photo taken with Rex, an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

I was trying to be much braver this time, even convoncing myself that I would go on the Tower of Terror this time, and Crush's coaster. However as I approached the Tower of Terror and heard the screams, I began to feel the fear creep in to my belly. I'm such a wimp when it comes to rides! I decided that the new Toystory soldiers parachute drop was the way to go, what a mistake. I didn't realise how high it went up, (and forgot about my Dads fear of heights, oops!) When we were right at the top, we could see right over the top of the castle in the other park, and our hotels roof, and then it dropped us! Scream!! We definately got more drops than other people did!!

I loved how there were the toy soldiers dotted about everywhere, and they even had the baby monitor like in the movie!
Right to my purchases, I bought quite a bit, lol!! I was a bit more reserved than 2 years ago (it all fitted in one holdall this year). So here are a few highlights -
Firstly a Disney fan with a love of Kawaii, how can I resist some plushies!!

Mum and Dad always buy me a Stitch plushie (I have quite a growing collection), and I couldn't believe it when I found this design, combining my love of Stitch with Starwars!! Yoda Stitch!! Then I was drawn to this very cute Zero plushie, he is made from such a soft material! Continuing with Stich (theres a theme). I bought a variety of stationery items, and Mum bought me the Stitch starsign keyring!

After Mum bought her Minnie Mouse fleece top 2 years ago, I've been hankering for something cute and warm myself! So I chose this cute Stich Zip up hoody! This is the back view -

Disney Vinylmation had really taken off this time. If anyone hasn't seen them, they are like Qee's, but Mickey shaped and different artists design them. You can get themes, or just images. I have been collecting the pin version for a while, and had the purse for my holiday.

I liked lots of the designs, I really liked the rucksack but at 45euros, I admired it from afar! I did treat myself to a design from the Nerd series, well I am myself a Nerd, and ever since the Rescue Rangers, i've had a thing for Chip!

My Mum was equally taken with them (unlike my Dad who found them disturbing, lol) and she bought one from the Bakery series!

All in all I had an amazing time, and am very pleased with all my souveneirs! :) You will see from the new layout of my blog, that after reading my friend Judy's travel blog, I realised I can layout the pictures differently! Lol!! To end this post on something majorly cute, I leave you a picture of the most romantic of couples, Walle and Eve!!!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Freebie Hunt

Like most people I like freebies! So when I saw the advert that Vistaprint were offering 500 business cards for free (you just have to pay the postage and VAT) I had to check it out. Now i've ordered from them before and had some great photo calenders made, so I thought it was worth looking into. I fancied a simple design, with my details on, so that I could put a card with anything that I sell, or just to hand out if someone is interested in my designs. For the free cards you get to choose from about 10 free designs, I went for the cupcake theme, as I love cupcakes and am currently on a theme of making them. I then put all my details on, which is when Dave pointed out to me that I could do with a sole e-mail address, so welcome -, and then I thought I needed a sole facebook account, so search socute itmakesyousqueal (had to make it like a name!)
So for the grand total of £6.27 (the above mentioned p+p & vat), I have coming my way 500 business cards and a business card holder (FREE!), I will need to decorate this as it's a bit plain at present, but for free, who minds!!
So check out for some good freebies!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Homemade Holidays

As I am currently on holiday for a week from work, I thought it was about time I did some more felt work. I decided that I would try and get ahead of the game and make some things for the next two major holidays, Halloween and Christmas!
Firstly, I love Halloween and I love Cupcakes, so combing the two I have started on some Halloween cupcake designs which I am making into hairclips, to be a bit different. I have a few orders for these already, which is good!!
Next Day of the Dead skulls have always fascinated me, there so bright and colourful! So here is my take on the concept, i'm going to try and work on this into a loot bag or a purse, i'm not sure yet. Then looking at Christmas I decided that a garland would be a great idea. Halfway through making the bears, I was beginning to regret it, (they are very fiddily), but I got there in the end, and its not too bad! Time to think up some more designs......