Friday, 27 August 2010


Well I have been busy doing lots of charity events, as well as work and planning the 100 year events!!
First on Wednesday Jakki and I took part in Barrow's biggest Zumba! Although I kept getting it confused and calling it the Worlds Biggest Zumba! We did it to help raise money for SSAFA - Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, so it was a very good cause!! It was great fun, and I really enjoyed it.
Next up was our Charity Committees Hawaiian Night, raising money for The Guide Dogs for the Blind! It was a fab night! I felt rushed getting it ready, especially as my help was late, but we got it all together, and I think the decorations I got made the catering unit look great!! I'd quite like to keep it that way, lol! I walked back to Mums after with Jakki and Jayne to get my bike, with Jakki and I still in full Hula gear! Got some looks and comments, lol! When I went into Mum's I decided to continue the party, so Buster and I Hula'd up!
Now I am sat back chilling, watching Myazaki's Sherlock Hound! Don't know what Arthur Conan Doyle would make of it, but it's something to watch!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Brain Slug

Brain Slug
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Been away for a while, been busy working and planning the stores centenary party! I did manage to quickly make this Brain Slug, as suggested by Mr Gordon!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Party Planner

Well I have been a busy little bee!!!! Our store has it's centenary next month, and I am in charge of organising a celebration on the actual day, and for organising a party for the staff!!! Luckily I have budgets, and I'm getting quite a bit for my money, but the staff party budget is starting to dwindle now!! Tonight I ordered dual sided photo keyrings to be made, with a black and white photo from 1911 on one side, and a colour photo from last year on the other. Each member of staff will get one of those. Then I am trying to do a kind of goodie bag for the people that turn up to the party. See how I go! For the day celebration instore, I have a magician booked, a face painter, and we're doing lots of fundraising for our charity Guide dogs for the blind!! Speaking of which, for our fund raising we are also doing a Hawaiian Cocktail night next week, I have a grass skirt and everything!! Really looking forward to that, as again I am on a theme, and have got decs etc!!!! Love it!!!
Hair is blonder again, thanks to Dave. He kindly dyed it for me, and made me relax with a face mask this weekend to try and combat the Panda look!! Panda's are really cute, but I really need to not look like one!!
I'm hoping that this week the Ponyo stuff Dave has bought me ( Bribery for abandoning me Bank Hol weekend to go and see Guns N Roses), turns up!! I ordered a phone charm, and a mini handbag, in the shape of her in fish form!! Really hope it comes soon!! Speaking of which I found on Jlist this little ponyo that goes in your bath, and chases the ham!!! I really want one but the postage was dear!! My mission is to track a more affordable one down!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'm never throwing a toy away again!!!!

Well I have just got back from the cinema, with moist eyes, and a huge lump in my throat!!! Toy Story 3 was amazing, laugh out loud funny, but my word tugged at my hear strings!!!!! I am an emotional wreck!! Han and I were both choked up to the max!! What a way to end a film franchise!!
Now I'm taking as many old toys I can find up to bed with me!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

You can tell your fully back at work when........

I'm exhausted!!! :(

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wonder if Santa starts this early......

Well had a long day at work yesterday. 7:15am - 8:15pm, doing a mini stocktake on the new system, didn't go too badly which was a blessing.
Today I started the task of finding the august and september birthday presents and to find the Christmas presents for the family down south. I am constantly buying presents, and am always prepared, but tracking them all down again when needed is another task! I am just missing two at present, so I will have to continue the hunt this week. I'm having to get them ready so they can hitch a ride next month with Uncle Kit. Couldn't afford to post them all, plus they probably wouldn't make it in one piece. So currenty my bedroom looks like Santas workshop, with Christmas paper and tags strewn across it!
The Chilli I'm attempting to grow, seems to be doing ok, well its getting bigger at least. After the Pumpkin disaster of last year, I thought that a smaller attempt may be better. Dad's first attempt at growing potatoes has gone well, and we will be eating them tonight with dinner, and he has some tomatoes showing on his plant! He'll be self sufficient soon :)

Friday, 6 August 2010

asking for trouble

asking for trouble

Radio what's new? Radio, someone still loves you!

Well I just had to post again to say how this afternoon went. Basically really well, when I arrived I was taken straight into Studio 1. Because Steven was busy in Carlisle, the lady who showed me in began to record my blog. Steven had emailed through the parts he wanted me to read so it would stay within the time slot. I had to sit at a desk, with a rather large microphone in front of me, then when given the nod, I was able to start reading. Unfortunately my age old problem of speaking too fast kicked in! It was like being at Primary school again, doing assembly and having Mrs Thomas or Mrs Elliot begging me to slow down, lol! I never have needed punctuation! Anyway I eventually (after a few takes) managed to bring my speaking down to a better pace, and it was all recorded. It didn't take long at all, and to top of my visit, Steven had arranged for me to be given some Radio Cumbria mugs! Much better souveneir than a pen! So kind! One is in pride of place on my desk in my study, and the other I had a cup of tea in as soon as I got in!
Had fun really, it was brief, but a new experience, and I've never been in a radio studio before. Just need to find out now, when it will be aired!

Video killed the Radio star!

Well this afternoon I head down to the Radio Cumbria offices to make my recording, starting to feel a bit nervous but hey ho, i'm sure it will be ok. As my Friend Dave Gordon has said, take it as an oppurtunity. Will have to see if i can get a pen or something as a souveneir of the day, lol!!
This morning I have been sorting through more clothes, and I cannot believe how many tops I have accumulated through the years. So far I have a large bag full to take to St Mary's hopsice charity shop, and I have some to take to Kezz and Lou's clothes swap party next week. Will have to be careful that I don't clear out a load, just to swap for more back!! Not been to one of these partys before, so it will be something different to look forward too.
Onto the cute side of things, today my Adipose stress toy arrived, and it really is cute, and so squishy!!! I think I will have to keep it in the box, as I can see it becoming a dustball in a very small space of time.
Also I found these really, really cute cookies and milk keyrings at Claire's, I actually did do a little squeal when I spotted them, which made Dave jump! I bought two sets, so that I can send some to my friends. I think Judy will like them best of all.
Right back to the clearing out, I have about 100 pairs of pyjama's that I need to srt through!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

He's got laser envy.....

Well I think I can safely say the teaparty was a success! Lots of playing, lots of eating, and some watching of the film, so all in all pretty good! There were some intersting scenes, where both Evan and Lily both wanted to play with Poirot, my large cuddily guard dog, so a wrestling match ensued. No overall winner, just two exhausted toddlers, and a very unhappy looking plushie! Han and I have made plans to go and see Toy story 3 next week, i'm really looking forward to it, although alot of people have warned me that it is quite emotional. So I won't stand a chance, I blubbed like a baby when Ray died in Princess and the Frog! I am really liking the look of Mr Pricklepants the Hedgehog, especially as he's voiced by Timothy Dalton. He just looks so cute, I really wanted one of the plushies, but they have sold out from the Uk Disney site, boo. I'm hoping that when TS3 has been released they will do a dvd boxset of all 3 films. It's been ages since i had to use my video player,and for some unknown reason the dvd screensaver was ghosting through the film. "Don't worry" says Simone "the kids won't know any different", except they did look confused when the toys were trying to escape Sids house, whilst dolphins were leaping out of water!! Luckily after time the screensaver seemed to disappear. Must get Dave to sort that for me.
I posted the No Face felt keyring I had made on Facebook, and he has received alot of positive reviews, so that had given my creative juices a boost. When I get the energy (I have had to hoover multiple times today), I am going to drag myself up to bed, and put Howls Moving Castle on, I have had a yearning to watch it most of the day, although knowing me i'll put it on, and then wake up at the end!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I love it when a plan comes together........

Slowly that plan is starting to come together. Threw more stuff away today, and took another bag full to the charity shop. Will continue to work my way around the room! All my Studio Ghibli dvd's are now stacked nicely together on one shelf, and it does give me a warm glow inside to see them all stacked together. Really must invite Kezz and Naomi round to finish watching the craziness, that is Panda go Panda. You've gotta love the early Myazaki's :) I've seen plushies for Papa Panda and Baby Panda, but I must hold back, money to save for the holiday and all that. Plus I got Scooter back today from being repaired, so that was another £38, I hadn't allowed for boo! But to cheer me up, I took Dad to the cinema tonight to see The A-Team. Back when I was little, Saturday afternoons, The A-team, that was Dad and me time, sat on the sofa watching it together. Howling Mad Murdock was my favourite character, and after seeing the new film, that is still the case. I know alot of people have knocked it, but we both thought it was really good!! Funny, action packed, and you could tell the cast was having fun, and I always enjoy films more if you see that.
So I've just got back in, and have dealt with the fun task of getting the washing in, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. It was the biggest slug I have ever seen!!! Seriously, it was on the same scale as Jabba the Hut, Yuk! Don't know where they keep coming from at the moment!
Tomorrow I am hosting a Toystory Tea Party! Hannah and Simone are bringing the kids round, and we're going to watch the films, ( well attempt as all 3 kids are under 2 and a half, but we adults will enjoy). As anyone who knows me, knows I love a good theme, so I have got Toystory tableware, cake, chocs and each guest has a Toystory themed gift, wrapped in, you've guessed it, Toystory paper!!! I like going OTT! The thing that depressed me was, I was hunting everywhere for the dvds on my shelves, and eventually found the VIDEOS for both 1 and 2!!!! Sigh, I didn't think that the films or I was that old........... oh well!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

You know when you start something.......................

Well I think I can safely state that I had forgotton how bad the attic was! I made Mum come round to help supervise me, which basically means shout at me whenever I begin to stray off task. Unfortunately she is still rocking in the corner, crying. I think it was combination of dead plant leaves on the floor, and the Teddy Bear who's head came off in my hands that pushed her over the edge! Anyway 5 full bin bags have been taken to the charity shop, 2 of which contained handbags, which I feel quite shaky about. My collection has now shrunk from 150 to about 130, shudder, but i'm sure they will quickly be replaced. For now, it gives the illusion that I have made space! Plus I finally found my Totoro bag, so yay! Also I have been able to sort out the shelves abit, so my Star Wars models have been able to spread out more, although typically my Queen Amidala model was too tall for the space made! Grr!
I also found the No Face Felt keyring that I made for one of the anime conventions a couple of years ago. I actually forgot how pleased I was with it, being modest and all.
I also had some treats today, the very kind people at Super Cute Kawaii sent me this very cute Milk purse, (long story involving me missing out on a competition prize). I am very pleased with it, look at his little face!
Also I was contacted by a guy called Steve from Radio Cumbria, who wants me to read out 5 days of my blog, for a section about people in cumbria, with varied interests! I have warned him that I lead a very quiet life, but he didn't seem to mind. So thats what i'm doing. Feel chuffed to have been noticed, but also nervous as I have to read it out, and i hate the sound of my own voice! Eek!

Monday, 2 August 2010


Well I have a week off from work, well nearly a wekk, I need to go in and work saturday, but thats another story. So I'm hoping during this time off to sort my attic room out, and throw away lots and lots of old clothes and things. Eventually I want that room to become my geek room! That way I can move all my anime models etc up there, and my have my anime dvds displayed nicely. Thats the dream anyway. I'm also hoping that I will get a quiet moment to do some felt work, as I haven't done anything since my Scott Pilgrim, and I haven't had any orders for ages. I think I can safely say that I am in the middle of a dry spell :(
I have a few ideas, I want to do some more Sushi designs, and I have felt inspired after finally getting to watch Ponyo the other night!!! Such a cute film.
I did really like the character of Fujimoto, although he does make me think of a Drag Queen, lol!
Anyway, thats all for now, hopefully some pictures of new designs will be added soon!