Saturday, 21 May 2011

Equality is the only way!!

I recently received a comment from Gina, who has her own blog -
Her blog is very interesting and is looking about spreading the LGBT word, through media, whether it be books, film, tv and popular culture in general!
As a straight woman, I cannot comprehend what some people have to go through. I have been very lucky to have been brought up in a loving family who told me whatever my life choices were I would be supported. I think I was told this before I even knew what life choices I had, lol! Two of my closest friends in the world are gay, and I know the difficulties they have gone through from coming out to work colleagues, not being able to tell family etc. I have had many a fantastic night down Canal Street in Manchester and also at Manchester Pride, and have always been made to feel so welcome. I have been introduced to the L Word, and Sarah Walters novels, which some have become my favourite reads. So my world has been opened up alot,and whether gay or straight I think many would benfit from this forum, so check it out!
As my blog deals with cute, one of my previously mentioned friends, has been spamming me all night with cute gay pics! Lol, I have also been on the search, they may not be truly Kawaii but they are cute!
Firstly, we can't have cute without Hello Kitty!!! Here she is, all ready for a Pride parade!
These cupcakes look so tasty, and I love how the rainbow layers have been done, I don't know how they did it, but it looks amazing!
Next, I love this hat!!! It's awesome! This pic is from San Fransiscos Pride, love it!!
You can always rely on anime to give us cute love!!!
And lastly whoever you are, can anyone resist a Pancake Orgy!!! Thanks to Kawaiinot, no we can't!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

So many Bank Holidays!!!

I haven't had a chance to post in a while, I've been so busy with work, and then all these bank holidays!!! I worked the Royal Wedding, which was strange as we didn't open till 1pm, so staff had chance to see the wedding. There was only me and 2 others to put the wjole delivery out, lol! But we did it and made it upstairs to see the Wedding dress! Which I must say, considering i'm not that fussed about stuff like that, I thought it was gorgeous!
Anyway I've been having a quick peek around the internet to see what cute wedding stuff I could find!
You can't beat Royal Wedding gnomes! Will add a touch of royal cuteness to any garden!
I love these biscuits! Just the London theme alone is awesome for any tea party!
Then last but not least how cute are these toys from the Early Learning Centre?? I love the Corgi!
Until next time, enjoy!!