Saturday, 30 June 2012

I Work Cake, Sleep Cake and Eat Cake!

This month has been a very Cakey month, infact it has been commented that 95% of my personal Facebook updates recently have all mentioned Cake. It started with work introducing a new range of cakes and they were all save a third, then with my discount off as well, it would have been rude not too!! The marbled chocolate brownie is my current favourite! Then for Fathers Day my Dad asked for a new mixer, and now he is back in the swing of baking cakes again, and he's really good!!! He just made some (which I decorated) for Jakki's 50th Birthday, and they have gone down a storm, everyone who has tried them, loved them!!
Above is the just final product after I decorated them! Inspecting them is Mr Elephant (more about him at another time). Now as you know, I have posted before about cupcakes, as I am quite a fan (I have so many recipe books, just to look at the pictures, lol!) but I figured you can never have enough Cupcakes, so lets dedicate a whole post to them and include cute big cakes too!! A new business has started in Barrow called The Cake District (loving the play on The Lake District), and this lasy is very talented!!! Check out her Facebook page! Just to show you some examples, first are her Baby cupcakes, now these are perfect for Christenings or Baby showers, and even the hardened "not keen on kids" people like me, surely must coo at how adorable these cakes are!!
She also makes some amazing big cakes, like this Alice styled Eat me cake -
Totally relying now on the fact that Dave doesn't read my blog, I have commisioned the following cake for his 30th in September!! Can't wait to see it in the flesh as it were!!!
So thats my local talent covered, now going further afield, in America there is a company called Savoy truffle and Cake - and this lady makes the most amazing high end cakes, look at the picture of the Kimono silk wedding cake!! But my favourite is the Totoro cake!! Look at the detail, amazing.
Of course I have to get my Disney themes in somewhere, and there are some amazing Disney cakes out there, with alot of people having great creativity and talent. Some of my favourites are - Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes found via the Cupcake blog, again its the detail that amazes me!
The Muppets made their grand comeback last year and Disney Cakes shows us how awesome they look in Cupcake form too -
We all loved Squirt in Finding Nemo, he's even cuter on a cake!! -
Leaving the Disney theme, we have pictures of Cakes which are just well in my opinion, awesome!! First, they may not be cute but they are fab, don't go into the water, its Jaws!!!!!
This next cupcake makes me think of my friend Vince, as when we went to cons, he always survived on Cup Noodles!!
Epicute have some lovely cupcake pics, I love this Kawaii selection -
Then I saw these Whale cakes and I actually squealed!!!
Recently I've seen alot of people utilising Oreo cookies in their cupcake decorating, (another of my favourite tasty treats), but my favourite so far has to be these Panda cakes -
I really do love these, I think they are such a clever design!!! If you want a cute character check out Askingfortroubles Cakeify, I mentioned previously I had ordered the pen, well I was so pleased with I went and ordered another one, along with a phone charm!!
Soo cute and a bargain at £1. Now if you could actually bear to cut into these cakes and actually eat them, perhaps you would want to do this with uber cute utensils -
Whilst we dream of these lovely cakes, wicked critters has done a lovely illustration, which must surely be from a cupcakes perspective, lol, enjoy and now I'm off to find some cake!!!

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